Why Gdańsk

The choice of a college major and university is one of the first independent steps you must take in your professional career.Take that step in Gdańsk!

Gdańsk is the most beautiful and fastest developing city in northern Poland.

This is most likely why many of our college students decide to settle here for good. Here’s a number of other reasons:


Gdańsk - The Heart of the metropolitan area.

Known the world over because of the Solidarity movement, the struggle for freedom and Lech Wałęsa’s Nobel Peace Prize. Gdańsk is also known for its hosting large sports events, such as:

  • The UEFA 2012™ European Football Championships
  • The FIVB Men’s Volleyball Championships Poland 2014
  • The European Men’s Handball Championships 2016

Gdańsk is about good universities, career development opportunities and finding an interesting job, a wide array of culture and sports, and lots of great ways to spend your free time.


A big city means better prospects for professional career development. College is not only a time for studying, but also the best time to find your first job.

Casual work during college is not only a chance for you to cover your expenses, but may also become the first step in your career.

Gdańsk is among Poland’s leading cities in terms of investment attractiveness. The Gdańsk Metropolitan Area has close to:

  • 150000 businesses and corporations

  • 3000 foreign investors

  • 30 leading international companies

Take advantage of the rich offers of the Career Offices, job fairs, holiday internships and the offers of our science and technology parks and enterprise incubators.


Gdańsk is a beautiful city

  1. Long Embankment fot.Maciej Nicgorski

  2. Artus Court fot.Maciej Szajewski

  3. Neptune’s Fountain fot.Maciej Nicgorski

  4. Gdańsk by night fot.Maciej Nicgorski

  5. Gdansk Panoramic Wheel on Granary Island fot.Maciej Nicgorski

  6. “Bridge of love” situated by Korzenna Street fot.Łukasz Unterschuetz

  7. The view from Gdansk Panoramic Wheel fot.Maciej Nicgorski


Gdańsk is known for its love of freedom. It is a place of meetings and debates for the representatives of the world of new media.

Numerous events are not only an opportunity to discuss new trends in IT and social media, but also a chance for professional and social networking. This is where the most important trade events are held:

  • Infoshare

    Free IT & New Media conference held each year in Gdańsk.

  • Social Media Convent

    National conference, which deals with organisations’ and brands’ communication via social media; presents trendy, good practices and summaries.

  • Blog Forum Gdańsk

    For years, the national BLOG FORUM GDAŃSK conference has been attracting bloggers from all over Poland.

Gdańsk has a strong social media presence:


Morning at college, afternoon at the beach.
Yes. Everyone envies us. 




Wide range of activities in your free time:

  1. Boats on Motława River.

  2. Seaside on a horseback.

  3. The roller skating track around PGE Arena.



Gdańsk is the largest university city
in northern Poland.

Out of almost 500 thousand inhabitants, close to 80 thousand are college students! Many foreigners study here and most of them come from: Turkey, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, China, Russia, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.

Foreign students about Gdańsk:

  1. Ovezgeldi Ketikov


    Gdańsk University of Technology

    I was thinking about studying in Poland even when I was in high school, so I am glad that I managed to achieve my goal. I also knew that I want to study engineering. My grandfather was a construction engineer in Turkmenistan and I plan to continue that tradition.
    I learned Polish at a summer preparatory course in Łódź, I also speak good English. Later I went to the Gdańsk University of Technology and I must say I do not regret this decision.
    The main building of the Gdańsk University of Technology reminds me of Hogwarts, which is why I feel a bit like Harry Potter. This is a special, very inspiring place. I am also getting to know Gdańsk and the Tricity; I admire the architecture, especially the beautiful churches.
    The Gdańsk University of Technology has an International Students and Visitors Office, where the employees will “lead you by the hand” and help a lot in arranging all the formalities also outside the university. I did not have to worry about anything.
    I live in a dormitory and I have very good conditions, close to the university. I have many friends both among foreigners and Poles. We communicate well, we spend time together, I can always count on help, both with studying and everyday life.
    “Gdańsk is the best place for living in all of Poland” – I read this recently in the Old Tow and I fully agree. I believe Gdańsk is the best place to live and to study in. I would like to become a construction engineer and fulfil my dream, I want my family to be proud of me.

  2. Aditya Varma Mandapati


    Gdansk University of Technology

    The biggest reason i consider a study Poland program is the opportunity to see the world. By studying abroad, you will experience a brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities. The benefits of studying abroad include the opportunity to see new terrains, natural wonders, museums and landmarks of Poland.you’ll have the option to travel through various parts of Europe including Paris , Barcelona , and Rome.

    For choosing Gdansk and GUT is the course and international office in gut is give me good response.

    About Gdansk its beautiful city in my life I never seen .i have an as-yet undiscovered talent for hiking, water sports, snow skiing, or various other new sports i may never have tried back home. i have the chance to discover other new and exciting forms of entertainment. Plays, movies, dancing, nightclubs, and concerts are just a few activities that i enjoyed a lot.

  3. Luisa Balaban


    Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk

    I had two options to study in Poland: Poznań or Gdańsk. I asked around among my friends and chose Gdańsk – also because of the beautiful architecture in the Old Town. There are unusual tall and slim townhouses here and I have always dreamt of living in such a city. The fact that a terribly destroyed city has been rebuilt in such a beautiful way shows a great spirit of the nation.

    I am seriously considering settling down here in the future, because this is a very friendly city, warm even if it is very cold outside. Life is relatively cheap here – comparable to Romania, maybe even cheaper. It is easier here to support myself with my profession, there are many studios, and special equipment is easily available. There are also many excellent experts from my field.

    What really surprised me in Gdańsk was that trams and buses come on time, according to the schedule!

    Another thing that made really big impression on me in this city was the carillon playing at each full hour. When I was walking to the Academy for the first time, I heard it and it was something amazing, like a dream! That sound appears to come from nowhere. In any spot in the Old Town one feels as if the sound came from somewhere very close

  4. Vladyslav Yurchyk


    Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdańsk

    I chose Gdańsk mostly because it is a tourist city. Studying Tourism & Recreation is a wonderful opportunity for extending my knowledge, for development and for contacting my future employers during various tourism fairs and other events that happen here often. Apart from that Gdańsk is a city modern city for young people, so I never have to think hard about interesting things to do. And the fact that Gdańsk is an international city provides opportunities to meet people from all over the world and to get to know various languages. Besides, I really appreciate history and in Gdańsk it is very rich.

  5. Valeriya Deshkovich


    University of Gdańsk

    In my final year of high school I spontaneously went on a trip to the University of Gdańsk, organised for people wishing to study abroad. The university made a great impression on me, I decided that I want to study here. When I entered the Faculty of Social Sciences, I thought that this is the place where I want to be.

    Right after returning from the trip I started to learn Polish. True, I went to study Finance and Banking first, but after hearing a lecture on psychology my plans changed completely. I was always interest in people and the way they function. When I realised that the UfG offers studies in Neuropsychology, after one year of studying management I moved there.

    I am from Kaliningrad, Gdańsk is a perfect place to study for me. My grandfather is Polish, so when I received my Polish Card, I could study here for free.

    Gdańsk was been my favourite place for a long while, I often came here with my parents or my school. I love Gdańsk’s architecture, I like to simply go with my friends for a walk around the Old Town in my spare time. The people here are open and helpful, they usually react well to Russians. One of the teachers at the University spoke with me in Russian and read Russian poetry :)

    There is always a lot of things happening in Gdańsk and everyone will find something for themselves. I happen to dance flamenco, so I like that this culture is developing in the Tricity. I like the regular La Noche Flamenca events organised by my dance teacher, Luiza Romanowska.

  6. Oleksandr Yesipenko


    Gdansk University of Technology

    I have always wanted to build ships and work in a dockyard. I knew Gdansk, my father was working there in the Marine Register of Shipping for several years and so the decision on which university to choose was an easy one. Specifically that Gdansk University of Technology is one of really few universities offering this type of programme. The possibility to receive information in my native language was also very valuable for me and made formalities a lot easier.

    Gdansk is a city where a foreigner doesn’t feel alien. There come people from different countries – to study, work or do business. I see how fast the city is developing, how many new companies and consequently new job places are emerging. It also concerns the field I have chosen for my future – ship design and building.

  7. Teresa Fernández Pello

    Spain, Madrid

    Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

    When I was choosing the place for my Erasmus internship, I was mostly interested in the opinion of the University, what is obvious, as well as in being in touch with excellent academic staff. The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk is one of the most appreciated among Spanish students, besides my colleagues pointed out that the city was very beautiful. I made some enquiry in the Internet on the history of Gdansk and was totally fascinated by its past, its diversity and the cultural richness.

    The first thing that surprised me was the weather. I arrived in February, so my expectation was to find myself in the middle of extreme frosts. Yet the temperature appeared to be similar to this in my home city – Madrid. I heard that winter was not really typical but even if it had been colder I would not have frozen because central heating works perfectly…

    Gdansk is a city where so much is going on: every weekend I was able to take part in different cultural events. I am really keen on visiting Laznia Modern Arts Centre, different museums, do the sights in the Old Town. I do love going around the city by tram because this type of public transport allows you to see other districts. Tram is a lot better than metro for me!

  8. Artem Petchenko

    Russia, Kaluga

    Gdansk University

    I came to Poland three years ago and attended a Polish language course in Wrocław first. Later on I visited several academic towns to take the decision on where to start my studies. I fell in love with Gdansk at first sight!

    I find here everything I need: an excellent university that takes care of students (I receive answers to my emails straight away, not 5 days later, as it happened to me in other places), friendly people and also what is a great advantage of this city – the sea. A well-developed network of bike lanes makes it possible to reach any part of the Tricity cycling, so I cycle to classes, to work or to meet my friends. There is no problem finding an additional possibility to earn money for students either.

    I have a lot of Polish friends and already feel somewhat “local” here.

  9. Liu Wendan

    China, Shijiazhuang

    Music Academy named after Stanislaw Moniuszko, Gdansk

    I came to Europe to study classical music. I chose Poland for this is the place where my favourite composer – Fryderyk Chopin – was born. I still remember how impressed I was playing his pieces of music when a child.

    I do love Gdansk for many reasons: it is so beautiful here, one can feel peace and quiet walking along the sea shore but also get submerged into the crowd in one of the city streets. I do like the atmosphere of this city and feel really well among people living here.

    My professors from the Music Academy teach me not only music but also, though it doesn’t belong to their direct responsibilities, the Polish language. I am really thankful to them for their help and patience. I already made friends with some Polish peers. I do think this time spent in Gdansk is the best time of my life!

  10. Antonia Edqvist

    Sweden, Karlskrona

    Medical University of Gdansk

    Gdansk may offer everything I need to feel well: exciting and touching history, wonderful environment – the sea, the forests as well as lots of good shops. In Karlskrona where I come from, there are not that many possibilities to do the shopping, especially for reasonable prices!

    I have met new friends from all over the world here. We go out jointly, we walk in the forests or on the hills, attend Polish language classes in museums. I adore watching ballet performances in the Baltic Opera!

  11. Dima Antoun

    Syria, Aleppo

    Gdansk University

    Having done my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry I was looking for a good university to study Biotechnology. At Gdansk University this field of study has an excellent reputation. I didn’t have any problem covering the academic programme difference either. My professors are very patient and explain difficult matters as long as it is needed for me to comprehend them. Seminars conducted in the English language are attended by Polish students as well, so foreigners do not feel isolated or alien among their local peers.

    When I came here, it was the weather that positively surprised me first. It is a lot warmer and sunnier than in Scandinavia where I used to live previously, still much colder than in my home-town – Aleppo, it is a norm there when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. Whatever the weather, people here are as open and friendly as in my motherland.

    When in Syria, I used to play basketball in the national team. Here in Gdansk I am also a sports representative: I play in the University team. I am really happy to have this opportunity.

    I do think of staying in Gdansk for longer. Why not do my PhD studies here?

  12. Hossein Basereh Taramsari

    Iran, Rasht

    Gdansk University of Technology

    I chose Gdansk University of Technology for it was one the really few institutions that offered International Design Engineer course I was interested in. Before I finally made up my mind, I checked its place in the World University Ranking. It appeared to have quite a good position which was an important argument for me.

    Another relevant advantage of studying in Gdansk is… low living costs. The beginning of my staying here was quite stressful, I found it hard to get assimilated with the new conditions and didn’t feel quite well at the dormitory. I was really surprised to find out that the price of renting a separate room was only a little more expensive than a dormitory, and the neighborhood was even much more beautiful. Slowly I created my own place to live and got adapted to the city.

    I am interested in history and like getting to know the places where it was going on. Gdansk is an exceptional place in this respect.

  13. Irem Doğan

    Turkey, Ankara

    Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

    At my University – Bilkent University in Ankara – we have professors from Poland. I do appreciate their creativity and vivid imagination, for that reason I chose to come to Poland for Erasmus. I first saw Gdansk on a cold and rainy August day. My parents and I were walking along Dluga Street and I knew I wanted to come there for studies. I was fascinated by Gdansk and I am still enchanted by its charm.

    I am absolutely taken with the diversity of architectural styles of the city, I do like getting to know its historic sites and places in any way related to its past. I am interested in medieval churches and cathedrals as well as communist-period districts.

    At the very beginning of my stay here, I found it extremely difficult to master at least the very basics of the Polish language. I felt somewhat like the main character of the film “Lost in Translation”. Today I am quite able to find a common language even with those who speak only Polish. I know at least 50 Polish words and nearly half of them is related to food  It is quite understandable that I am a real fan of pierogi…

  14. Karina Barkhatowa

    Belarus, Brest

    Gdansk University of Technology

    I fell in love with Gdansk the very first time I visited it on a trip. It is an extraordinarily beautiful city, the place of exceptional history that is why I decided to come here for studies. Of course, I also took into consideration the good perspectives and job opportunities after studies at Gdansk University of Technology – a modern university with the 110-year tradition.
    I do not regret the decision of taking up studies far from home.
    It was here that I found out what interested me, my passion, in a word – I found myself.

    People here are very open and friendly. I can always count on their help in studies as well as in everyday matters, which is extremely important in my situation: I come from a different country, besides I am younger than them, only 17.

    There are a lot of places for rest and relaxation here – on one’s own or in a good company. I spend most of my free time walking around the city. I listen to music, walk, take pictures and have rest. We also like walking along the coast with a friend of mine. The Baltic Sea is really beautiful, the beaches are so clean. The salty maritime air helps relax after the classes.

  15. Liya Testfay

    Sweden, Stockholm

    Medical University of Gdansk

    There are a lot of Swedish students here in Gdansk, so it’s much easier to stand the separation with one’s family. I was choosing among universities in Denmark, Hungary and Poland. I finally picked up Gdansk thanks to the positive opinions of my friends who told me studying Medicine here would be a good decision.

    I feel safe and comfortable here and I know I can always count on help from the university staff. I was carefully guided through the whole recruitment process and it went really smoothly thanks to that.

    And if I miss home – Stockholm is only a one-hour flight away!

  16. Martin Ding Wang


    Gdansk University of Technology

    There were a lot of factors that I took into consideration when choosing, jointly with my parents, the place to study. In this situation everything matters: the academic offer of the university, the cost of studying and living as well as the fact what kind of environment and people will surround you during these years of your life. Specifically, that it is so far from home.

    When in 2009 I landed in Gdansk after a 14-hour flight, it was especially important to me to be taken from the airport by the Chinese mates studying in our faculty. It is often me these days who greets young people from my country, coming to study in Gdansk.

    In my student dormitory I have colleagues among foreign students of Gdansk University of Technology as well as Polish mates. We watch matches, play football together or just help each other on a daily basis. I miss my home country, of course, yet I don’t feel alien in Gdansk either.

    I study International Management and Finance, so from my point of view, it is extremely important that there operate many international companies here. It is a good place to start one’s career.

  17. Monikaben Padairya

    India, Rajkot

    Gdansk University of Technology

    I have been living in Poland for four years and spent the final one in Gdansk. I like getting to know new places and new people. As international students, we had a trip around the city organized for us by the local municipality and it was a very helpful initiative. We were shown the most important sites in Gdansk, we learnt the outline of its history and saw its exceptional beauty. For someone who came from a different continent, it was an extremely important experience which allowed us not to get lost in a totally diverse reality.

    My PhD degree is the most important issue for me now, so it is very helpful to have inspiring and helpful professors here at Gdansk University of Technology. At the moment my surname is preceded by the title “master engineer”. I hope it to be preceded by a “doctor” when I’ll be leaving this city.

  18. Rashmika Reddy

    India, Bangalore

    Medical University of Gdansk

    The best "ambassadors" of Medical University of Gdansk are the doctors residing and working in the USA, where I used to live for a couple of years. I was thinking whether to do my Medical Studies in the US or in Poland. My uncle, who is a doctor, had interns from Poland and used to tell me about them, later on my father, who is also a doctor and practiced in the United States, knew the system there and hence mentioned that the education provided here in Gdansk would be equivalent to an American university which I initially sought after. I am really glad it helped me make up my mind the way I did finally.

    I have great professors here, a lot of interesting classes, still, what is important, I manage to keep balance between studies and free time. This city is not that overwhelming or even depressing as, for instance, New York and it is even easier to stand home-sickness here than in a huge agglomeration, where a person feels lost. Gdansk is an easy "place to learn" for a foreigner. When you start having your own favourite and well-known places here, you feel almost at home.

  19. Trevor White

    Canada, Toronto

    Medical University of Gdansk

    I was choosing the place to spend the six years of my medical studies very carefully. It is obvious that the quality of academic studies was exceptionally important, the prestige of the diploma, as well as every other element that affects the quality and comfort of one’s life. I chose Gdansk not only because of its historic heritage, but also because the climate is very similar to that in my home-city of Toronto.

    Straight on my arrival in September, I went to St. Mary’s Cathedral. I am a catholic, so it was a very important place for me. Then I started exploring Gdansk and found out the city was really student-friendly.

    The studies are quite challenging and absorbing, yet they do not deprive me of some free time. I go biking and diving, as well as jogging and swimming. The conditions to do various sports here are really excellent. It is an additional argument to stay in Gdansk. I am not going anywhere else!

  20. Umesh Kalathiya

    India, Gujarat

    Gdansk University of Technology

    The two years I have spent in Gdansk was a good time for me. I must have spent the majority of time in the laboratories of the Faculty of Chemistry at Gdansk University of Technology, where I do research related to my PhD thesis, yet I managed to get to know the city and become fascinated by it.

    I leant some things about its history, I attended museums and visited Westerplatte, which allowed me to realize that it was exactly there that World War II had started.

    For a foreigner who comes from a distant country and wants to feel at home in a new place, it is of vital importance to find a common language with the local people and be treated nicely by them. In this respect, Gdansk appeared to be the best place for studies in Poland for me.

    The first Polish words I learnt here were quite specific: these were the names of different vegetables. I am a vegetarian and I had to learn to do the shopping in Polish stores. When we eat out with my friends, as a vegetarian I have no problem finding adequate dishes in the menus of local restaurants and bars. It is very important for me.

  21. Viktoria Hardzei

    Belarus, Molodechno near Minsk

    Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk

    I have been studying in Poland for 5 years. I am scholar of Kalinowski programme. I have finished the first cycle of studies at European High School in Sopot, whereas I am doing my Master’s at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport. My current university is situated on the border of Gdansk and Sopot – a truly wonderful place, full of friendly people, which reminds me of my home-town (though Molodechne doesn’t have access to the sea…).

    My Polish mates were very kind to me from the very beginning, I have always felt so safe here. Initially, I had friends exclusively among my Polish peers and only two years later I found out there were so many of countrymen in Tricity. We meet regularly, organize some events, celebrate Belarusian national holidays and in summer we often spend time together… grilling.