Post-Graduate Studies: Football Club Management

Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport
College Lifelong Learning Centre

Acquire knowledge about how the football market functions in Poland and the law concerning sports club management. Learn about the processes, principles, laws and institutions which impact how a sports enterprise is managed and structurally developed. Understand the principles of the information and decision process (supported by planning, organising and control functions), directed towards solving the key operational issues of football enterprises; about such an enterprise’s endurance and development with special emphasis on the impact of its environment and its own potential. According to the requirements of commercial law and other regulations (e.g. civil law), the managements of football clubs are also responsible for developing organisational structures and taking decisions to obtain operational and development funding, so such issues have also been included in the curriculum. Financial management in sports to raise the profitability of the sports club; ability to carry out sales and marketing operations; change management, decision taking and prioritising; image building and customer relationship knowledge and skills.


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