Social Rehabilitation and Sociotherapy

University of Security
Department of Social Studies in Gdańsk

This post graduate studies course is for future teachers who choose the speciality of social rehabilitation or sociotherapy. The special needs psychological and pedagogical training includes knowledge and skills in psychology (including developmental and clinical psychology and psychopathology) and special pedagogy. The course trains in special needs didactics (teaching methodology) at an elementary level for various types of disabilities and social maladjustment and at an advanced level in a selected type of disability or social maladjustment, education stage or stages. The goal of the internship is to gain experience in care, educational, didactic and therapeutic work with children and young people with disabilities and social maladjustment and to confront the acquired psychological and pedagogical knowledge with pedagogical reality in practice. The internship takes place in parallel with the realisation of component 2 of this module. Depending on the chosen speciality, the internship takes place in kindergarten, school or a special or integrated department (under the direction of a pedagogue or school psychologist, the class tutor or the after-school club tutor) or in an educational or therapeutic institution that works for children and young people with disabilities or social maladjustment. Graduates who complete this 2 semester, 252 hour course are trained to deal with crime, various types of deviant behaviour in children and adults and family dysfunction. Their acquired knowledge, skills and social competence allow them to seek employment in institutions requiring ministry mandated qualifications, including: children’s shelters; drug prevention and therapy centres; Ministry of the Interior and Administration agencies; remands and penitentiaries for adults; diagnostic centres; social adaptation centres and other institutions that work with socially maladjusted youth. The chief aim of this post-graduate course is to produce competent teachers with the appropriate qualifications to work with pupils. The acquired knowledge and skills in psychology, pedagogy, didactics, the methodology for teaching individual subjects and interpersonal communication will enable them to become effective teachers and educators. The course trains students to work as teachers in kindergartens and primary schools and for work in all types of schools and educational institutions. (The order of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 17 January 2012 on the education standards in preparation for work as a teacher). Classes are conducted by high-class specialists in pedagogy, psychology and sociology. The practical classes are held by experienced methodologists and trainers who work with children and young people on an everyday basis. Persons with qualifications to work as teachers in a given type of school and/or institution acquire the qualifications to educate persons with intellectual disabilities. Persons with pedagogical training acquire the qualifications to work (hold classes) in special-needs institutions in a given subject, the qualifications to become teachers in special-needs kindergartens, special-needs schools, educational centres and special-needs educational centres. The course is open both for persons with master’s and professional degrees. This post-graduate college diploma is an additional asset in the job market.


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