Safety Education

University of Security
Department of Social Studies in Gdańsk

This course provides didactic, pedagogical and substantial training for teachers to run the new subject called Safety Education in secondary and post-secondary schools. This subject has recently appeared in the Curriculum Basis and will eventually replace Civil Defence Training. The course is directed to college graduates with at least bachelor’s degrees and pedagogical training, including primarily: educators interested in teaching Safety Education; local government staff, education office staff and public service officers who deal with broadly understood safety education, especially school safety; teachers and tutors of school classes and in other educational and care institutions where safety hazards may appear. Graduates have the qualifications to teach Safety Education in secondary and post-secondary school, in accordance with the provisions of the Curriculum Basis for Safety Education teachers; with curriculum content consistent with the new Curriculum Basis; know the didactics and methodology of teaching Safety Education; know the principles of first aid.


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