Negotiation and Mediation

University of Security
Department of Social Studies in Gdańsk

The goal of this course is to provide students with the theoretical and practical training to work as mediators. Graduating this qualification studies course in mediation is an opportunity for college graduates in the liberal arts and humanities to acquire new professional qualifications. Furthermore, graduates will have acquired advanced knowledge of assessing security processes and decision-taking conditions in crisis situations; the ways to assess crisis situations and write crisis response plans; the possibilities of the skilful use of optimal organisational and work techniques in extraordinary situations; management of crisis situations, both caused by natural (e.g. natural disasters) and non-natural factors (e.g. technical failures, disturbances of the peace, terrorist threats, riots in social rehabilitation facilities and penitentiaries, attacks on psychiatric hospital and clinic staff); the basics of effective communication and negotiation to guarantee the highest possible effectiveness; ways to mitigate stress in crisis situations; media relations and the appropriate ways to inform about events; mediation. The course is directed to college graduates (with first cycle, second cycle and unified master’s degrees) who work or intend to work in the uniformed services (police, penitentiary service, municipal guard, army, fire service, border guard, customs services), the Internal Security Agency, Central Anticorruption Bureau, Government Protection Bureau; serve in units that counter terrorist threats; work or intend to work in institutions dealing with security and public order, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, especially to employees of banks, detective agencies, airlines, social workers (probation officers, social welfare workers), psychiatric hospital staff, government and non-government crisis response institution staff, clergy; to teachers and educators; to every selected high risk professions threatened with many dangers and external hazards (including private company staff) who want to improve their negotiating skills and are interested in working for the prevention and remedying of crisis situations. The knowledge acquired through this course will enable graduates to successfully use the rights and resources of the agencies comprising the security network to effectively secure the negotiator’s actions on site and beyond. The Mediation and Negotiation course graduates’ training broadens their competence and enables the promotion of those who already work in institutions related to the subject. Graduates receive a Mediation and Negotiation Post-Graduate Studies course diploma and are qualified to work in schools, children’s homes, nursing homes, penitentiaries, young offenders’ institutions, etc. They also will have acquired the qualifications that will enable them to work as mediators in institutions and organisations dealing with providing aid in crisis situations, be entered in mediator lists kept by non-governmental organisations: associations, foundations and/or professional associations etc., which are provided to family and commercial civil courts, they can also run their own businesses or find employment in existing mediation centres.


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