Investigative Studies and Economic Intelligence

University of Security
Department of Social Studies in Gdańsk

Today, with the political, economic and social changes, the profession of detective is becoming increasingly popular. Information that a professional – the detective of the 21st century – can obtain, is a commodity. The professional detective has appeared in various historical periods. As a side job of persons who had a different day job or as fully-fledged professionals. Every contemporary society, as everyday life shows, needs detective services. In fact, the demand for them is growing. Of course, this demand result from a number of reasons. As regards graduates of various colleges we can assume that this is an opportunity to learn another attractive profession. Whereas with persons who require such services – a legal solution when other measures fail. This course is primarily directed to college graduates who work (or intend to work) as: detectives in private firms or state institutions; in firms dealing with life, work and service security (private security companies, detective agencies, police, army, municipal guard). The course enables students to creatively develop their talents and leadership abilities to work more efficiently as persons in charge of the security of private persons, companies, government and local government agencies. Graduates are distinguished by their competence including reliable knowledge and skills in measures to counteract crimes against life and property and property recovery. They will have significantly improved their social communication and self-presentation and image building skills. They will have enhanced their qualifications to enable them to take a modern approach to security issues. The awareness of the legal, ethical and social responsibility related to detective services they had developed during their studies will enable them to become attractive and sought-after in the European Union job market. The curriculum is sufficient to pass the exam for a detective’s license. The Investigative Studies and Economic Intelligence Post-Graduate Studies course can be an opportunity to learn an additional profession to guarantee employment to those college graduates whose existing education may not guarantee them a job due to limited demand (Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy, Political Science).


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