Investigative Journalism

University of Security
Department of Social Studies in Gdańsk

Thanks to the spectacular achievements of investigative journalists, the media are playing an increasingly large role in our democratic society. Whistleblowing about ills in the world of politics, business and organised crime has a wide and faithful audience. More and more people are interested in how various political and business institutions work behind the scenes. The media and investigative journalists who successfully track down numerous irregularities are held in high regard by the public because often it is only they who defend the rights of the weakest. The media also need uncompromising and inquisitive journalists who are ready to explain and uncover even very inconvenient truths. The work of an investigative journalist is very interesting. They can observe what goes on behind the scenes up close and describe it and thanks to their investigative talents they can often solve even the most difficult cases. This course is primarily directed to college graduates (including those with bachelor’s degrees) who work (and who intend to work) as investigative journalists and who wish to broaden their technique and skills. During the course students become fully familiar with the latest in investigative journalism, the methods to acquire information and journalist technique. Graduates are fluent in the Press Law, the Polish and international media market, social engineering in investigative work and the methods to acquire information. They will improve their skills by learning about how to effectively use various genres of journalism, perfect their rhetoric and media technique.


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