Internal Security

University of Security
Department of Social Studies in Gdańsk
part-time first cycle degree,
full-time first cycle degree

Students acquire general knowledge concerning the social and legal issues which are the basis to understand the essence of internal security. They can understand and analyse security-related phenomena on the global, national, regional and local scale. They acquire basic knowledge in social studies, human rights and how the state operates – its system and structures. They learn about the division of power and how state agencies operate, including the place and role of the public administration responsible for internal security. Students learn the legal regulations related to internal security. They learn about how state institutions operate, the range of responsibilities of public administration and about management issues in crisis situations. They learn how to lead small teams, communicate with the environment, how to collect, prioritise, process and convey information. Graduates are prepared to work in public administration with focus on the government agencies responsible for national internal security.


Wyższa Szkoła Bezpieczeństwa z siedzibą w Gdańsku
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