Counter-terrorist Security

University of Security
Department of Social Studies in Gdańsk

The aim of the Counter-terrorist Security post-graduate course is to prepare highly qualified candidates for positions in state and local administration dealing with counter-terrorist prevention. The educational process is focused on preparing students for work in positions that require a thorough knowledge of terrorist threats and prevention. Graduates receive a diploma of completing the Counter-terrorist Security post-graduate course. The diploma makes it easier to find employment in the services and institutions responsible for Poland’s counter-terrorist security. The course’s principal goal is achieved by achieving detailed goals, with special emphasis on: the essence, typology and dynamics of terrorism development throughout the world; types of terrorist organisations and the areas of their operations; the structure and operation of Poland’s counter-terrorist security systems; an analysis of selected terrorist attacks in terms of counteracting and preventing them; the organisation and functioning of Poland’s security system in terrorist threat situations; learning the issues of the Polish and international legal regulations related to fighting international terrorism; mastering contemporary counter-terrorist protects methods and techniques; learning about the types of terrorist threats, means of security and ways to counteract (including cyberterrorism and superterrorism). The Counter-terrorist Security Post-Graduate Studies course is directed to college graduates who work (or intend to work) in positions involving managing staff teams in state and local government institutions and agencies and private firms dealing with counter-terrorist security organising, protection and education, especially in the position of security manager or security specialist and in the Army, Police, Penitentiary Service, Border Guard, State Fire Service, Customs Service, Railroad Guards, Municipal Police and property security agencies. The course prepares civil staff and uniformed officers for work in the counter-terrorist security system, in international organisations and in Poland’s missions abroad.


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