Career and Personnel Counselling with Entrepreneurship

University of Security
Department of Social Studies in Gdańsk

The Career and Personnel Counselling speciality course mainly provides knowledge about the ways and means to aid unemployed persons. This course also teaches human resources management in companies and organisations. The curriculum covers: sociology, labour law, psychology, communication and specialist knowledge concerning social policy and human resources management. It enables students to learn how institutions that provide services for the labour market work. The classes take place in the form of lectures, exercises, workshops and projects, which guarantees both theoretical and practical professional training. The students can also acquire experience during student internships which are an integral part of the course. The aim of the course is to train its students to work in career and personnel counselling in various institutions; prepare them to work as a school vocational counsellor; train personal and career development specialists; develop the very much in demand ability to analyse local job markets; develop basic entrepreneurship useful at a time when so many new businesses appear; develop skills to work with unemployed persons; develop skills to design career paths; prepare for self-employment. The course is directed to college graduates with master’s or professional degrees: teachers; educational institution staff; psychological and pedagogical counselling centre staff; employment office and agency staff; career office staff. Graduates in Career and Personnel Counselling are trained specialists in counselling and training unemployed persons and persons looking for work. They have the expert knowledge to provide expert psychological and pedagogical counselling concerning the choice of school or course to meet the needs of the labour market. They are high-class specialists in human resources management. Graduates are prepared to work as career and personnel counsellors in youth contexts (especially with college graduates among whom there is a lot of unemployed), adults, seniors (i.e. groups supported by various 50+ campaigns). They can seek employment in educational institutions and centres and in labour market institutions. Their main line of work is to advise and support the career development of persons in difficult and often stressful situations.


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