University of Security

The University of Security opened in 2004 when, by the decision of the Minister of National Education and Sport, it was entered into the register of non-public vocational colleges.

It is worth emphasising that a significant part of the persons who developed our college’s curriculum, besides high professional qualifications and scientific and research achievements, have abundant experience in college administration, both in management and teaching. With such a solid teaching base, our college was opened to teach subjects related to its name.

Today, the University of Security offers the following courses: National Security, Internal Security, Health Security, Psychology, Pedagogy and Management.

The constantly changing needs of the job market impose real trends in education; this has mad the idea of our college highly attractive and earned us the support of the local authorities, schools and workplaces.

Given the current needs of society our college has focused on educating high-class specialists for work in institutions that prevent social ills and who provide high-quality services in the specific field that is security, who carry out social rehabilitation programmes, and promote security and European integration. With such goals our college has always been guided by our teaching mission: education for security, while our lodestar are often forgotten values such as: honour, dignity, keeping promises and responsibility.

Today, academic theory is only a basis for beginning career development. Practical learning is a vital supplement to this education, which is why the University of Security provides vocational training with a mind to facilitate personal development and creativity in various fields of social activity related to the security of people and society. By taking part in field practice and survival camps the students to face reality eye to eye by solving “real-life” problems. Such issues are also the subject of scientific research, and advisory and consulting efforts with the student’s active participation. The University of Security is the first college to prepare expert staff in various specialities which are directly and indirectly related to personal and public safety and their promotion. Our college also builds its image and forges traditions based on the educational effects we provide and our environmental efforts.

The University of Security is a specialist college with a clearly defined curriculum, as explicitly stated in its name, related to broadly understood security. The essence of this notion is reflected by our flagship subject and its related specialities. As early as over 10 years ago, the college’s authorities and the experts who developed its “foundations” were aware of the potential of the subject that is so often and eagerly chosen by university applicants today. In the context of growing conflicts, including international ones, the development of security experts seems to be a challenge that needs to be met with due diligence.

Life-long learning, self-improvement and the constant raising of qualifications are but some of the many requirements of today’s job market. The University of Security aspires to be renowned as a college that is open to new educational challenges and needs, and for promoting innovative teaching ideas; that is why we make efforts to keep ahead of standards by implementing enterprising and innovative solutions with a view to make our students successful and for the benefit of our entire college community and to effectively discard passivity and mediocrity, which seem to be the biggest educational social problem today.

The University of Security provides students with a range of vocational and general education which allows them, as graduates, to get and maintain a job, and to function in a highly competitive market economy in an efficient and effective way–benefitting both themselves and their employers. It develops people who are competent, active, resourceful and enterprising, characterised by their high professional ethics and takes into consideration that college is also a time for self-fulfilment and development.

Education offer:

We offer our students

  • paid summer work in the uniformed services, internships in the local media, apprenticeships in detective agencies are only a few of the opportunities our college offers its students
  • within their selected subjects our students are encouraged to actively participate in our field classes which have met with a favourable response from the students themselves
  • the tuition fee is fixed and remains unchanged over the entire course
  • after their intellectual efforts the students of the University of Security have the opportunity to mix at sports camps designed as survival adventures. After all, college is supposed to be an unforgettable time, when apart from learning, one should for
  • our college has a very advantageous “scholarship rate,” which allows our students not only to pay their tuition fee, but also even make money at college
  • our college takes care to monitor the quality of its teaching and with the help of specialists makes efforts to meet the expectations of potential employers by opening new courses
  • classes are run by outstanding practitioners and professionals, experienced military people, representatives of the Police, the State Fire Service and the security, intelligence and counter-intelligence services


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