University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Philology
full-time first cycle degree,
full-time second cycle degree

The course prepares for broadly-understood educational work with children and young people with speech disorders and impediments, with language learning difficulties and difficulties in learning to read and write. The speech therapy training provides specialist knowledge on the diagnosis and therapy of various speech disorders. Speech therapists work chiefly in: kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary schools, colleges, psychological-pedagogical clinics, specialist and phoniatric clinics, early intervention centres, medical clinics, hospitals (especially in neurology and neonatology wards), specialist private practices and as regards media logopaedics also in radio, television, theatres, and seminaries. A person with a first cycle degree in logopaedics can also work as a Polish teacher in primary school. A person with a second cycle degree in logopaedics is prepared to individually lead a team or to manage an institution which provides the diagnosis and therapy of speech disorders.


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