Taxes and Tax Law

University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Law and Administration
part-time second cycle degree

Taxes and Tax Law is an innovative inter-faculty course set up by the Faculty of Law and Administration in collaboration with the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk. Its aim is to provide students with advanced competence in tax law and accountancy–both theoretical and practical. The course covers almost all the issues covered by the tax adviser’s examination and a good deal of the issues covered by the expert auditor examination. Entry on the list of tax advisors or expert auditors, however, also requires the prior legal training and internship (in an expert auditor’s case) and to pass the relevant exams. The knowledge obtained at the Taxes and Tax Law course qualifies graduates for work in corporate tax, financial, accountancy and legal department, tax advisory offices, law offices (especially attorneys and lawyers), tax offices, revenue service and tax inspector offices. It is also helpful in running one’s own business.


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