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Psychology is the most “sensitive” of sciences and so it is difficult to define. However, this does not deter candidates, because for years Psychology has been and still remains one of the most popular courses to be chosen. The most important thing in a psychologist’s work is the ability to communicate, to understand and listen to others and to be sensitive to their problems. These are features that one can develop, but it would not be possible without curiosity and friendliness. In the most general terms, a psychologist deals with describing, explaining and carrying out measures that moderate human behaviour. What is more, as with any sphere that directly impacts human beings, one needs to have great knowledge, skills in methodology and psychological applications, and ethics. Psychologist must adhere to a code of principles of dealing with their fellow humans, where the good of the fellow human being is paramount. Psychology is an extensive field of interdisciplinary knowledge provided exclusively at a uniform master’s course. Graduates must possess in-depth knowledge about the methodological basis of psychological diagnosis, be competent in using ready diagnostic tools and know how to make psychometrically correct diagnoses. Theoretical knowledge is combined with practical application in psychological diagnosis, psychological counselling and solving social problems. The student also masters knowledge of such fields as the biological bases of human behaviour, philosophy, logic and sociology.


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