Post-Graduate Surdologopaedic Studies

University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Philology

The Postgraduate Surdologopaedics course is open to holders of 2nd cycle degrees in Logopaedics or holders of master’s degrees and Postgraduate Logopaedics course certificates, or holders of master’s degrees in Polish Philology with a Logopaedics specialty, or holders of other degrees which ensure full qualification to work as a speech therapist. The course’s main objective is to provide advanced speech therapy skills in diagnostics and therapy for people with hearing impairments or hearing loss. Course graduates are specialists in speech therapy for patients with hearing loss of various degree and various origin, or for patients with complete hearing loss; they gain in-depth professional skills in the physiology and pathology of the hearing organ, clinical audiology, communication in patients with hearing injuries, audiogenic speech disorders, rehabilitation for patients with cochlear implants, audioprosthetics, voice disorders in patients with hearing impairment, acoustic, auditive and visual phonetics, listening education, surdopsychology, environmental therapy, logorhythmics for children with hearing defects; they can work in mass education (schools with integration classes), special-needs education (schools and centres for children with complete hearing loss), specialist clinics and in the private sector (speech therapy practices).


Wydział Filologiczny, Katedra Logopedii
80-952 Gdańsk, ul. Wita Stwosza 58
tel. 58 523 23 63, 58 523 23 74