Post-Graduate Studies: The Teutonic Order and Its Heritage

University of Gdańsk
Faculty of History

The aim of the course is to broaden the students’ knowledge of the history and culture of the Teutonic Order and to help them be better prepared to work in sectors that require in-depth knowledge about the Teutonic Order, especially in tourism and history education. The curriculum combines different areas of historical knowledge and provides graduates with broad knowledge and skills. First of all, they know the history and culture of the Teutonic Order: the political system and history of the Order and its State, the architecture of the Order’s fortresses, its arms and art of war, its artistic culture etc.; secondly, they know how to place this knowledge in the broader context of the history of European culture in the Middle Ages thanks to their understanding of the history of crusading ideology, chivalric orders, the ethos of chivalry, art and architecture and of the culture of the Order’s neighbours; thirdly, they are familiar with the myth of the Teutonic Order in modern times and its impact on the political and artistic culture of Poland, Germany and other countries in our region as well as with the current state of preservation and tourist potential of Teutonic art and architecture.


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