Post-Graduate Studies: Reading and Writing Disorders Therapy

University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Philology

The course is interdisciplinary and open to graduates of pedagogical and philological studies with a master’s or bachelor’s degree (and teacher training). The goal of the course is to prepare the participants for working with children with difficulties in learning to read and write. Graduates are prepared to work with children with difficulties in learning to read and write and are qualified to run pedagogical therapy sessions, know the psycholingustic and neuropsychological interpretation of reading and writing disorders, know how to develop reading skills in pupils using linguistic reading learning theory, knows methods to prevent reading and writing difficulties, know various methods and forms of pedagogical therapy work, have the substantial and methodological competence to work with dyslectic pupils both during regular and corrective-compensating classes and pedagogical therapy), have the skills necessary to optimise the process of the therapy of reading and writing difficulties, know the legal regulations concerning dyslectic schoolchildren and have developed their own skills and language competence.


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