Post-Graduate Studies: International Financial Markets

University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Management

The course is run by project partner the Gdańsk Academy of Banking at the Gdańsk Institute for Market Economics. Students are provided with knowledge about the world banking system and obtain certificates recognised in the global financial market such as: the EFCB European Foundation in Banking Certificate or the Chartered Financial Analyst CFA ® awarded by the CFW Institute. The curriculum covers issues related to financial consulting as in the CFAR level I (Chartered Financial Analyst) international exam. CFAR CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST is a title awarded by the CFA Institute. This certificate is fast becoming increasingly popular among strategists who take investment decisions all over the world. It is perceived as a symbol of professionalism and professional excellence all over the world and is deemed to be a guarantee of qualifications in the fields of investment and financial consulting, banking, derivatives management and financial investment management. Employers and investors increasingly appreciate this title, which can be seen in job offers where the CFAR certificate is becoming a necessary criterion more and more often. The course is directed to persons who wish to broaden their knowledge of finances and who want to become a CFAR charted international financial analyst. The curriculum prepares students for the initial exam which enables them to obtain the CFAR title. The course is completed with an internal exam which verifies the students’ preparation for the CFAR level I exam.


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