Post-Graduate Studies Innovation in Tourism

University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Economics

The course provides graduates with knowledge concerning the broadly understood tourist market and the specialist fields of innovation that set the trends in the development of tourism. The wide array of innovation-related subjects enables the graduate to creatively work in tourism, from developing a competitive tourist product to managing a cutting-edge tourist company. Students learn to make economic analyses, especially at the micro level, including calculating the viability of tourist ventures. Moreover, graduates know how to effectively use IT tools used by travel agencies, hotels and international tourism and have the competence to deliberately take advantage of regional assets in local marine tourism. Graduates also have the know-how about innovative solutions in logistical support and transport, including air transport, the means of intercultural communication and business etiquette necessary for the purposes of working in the international tourist market. The innovation course lets graduates introduce measures to enhance the competitiveness of Polish tourist products, which is one of the key factors in the process of developing a tourist offer.


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