Post-Graduate Studies: European project funding, implementation and settlement

University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Economics

The aim of the course is to provide the know-how and skills necessary for applying for European Union funds and to later implement and financially settle such projects. The European project funding, implementation and settlement post-graduate studies course is run with an emphasis on workshops and practical issues, which especially sets it apart from other such courses available to students. This post-graduate course provides wide-ranging know-how including elements of international economic relations – economic integration in Europe, project management and the legal basis for project implementation. Graduates are ready to work with institutions that manage and act as intermediaries in implementing EU funds in Poland. Because of the course’s strong emphasis on practical classes, upon finishing the course, the graduate possesses the know-how, competence and skills necessary to apply for project support from EU funds and the further management and financial settlement of such projects.


Ośrodek Badań Integracji Europejskiej
Wydział Ekonomiczny
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