Post-Graduate Studies: Civic Activation of Local Communities in the European Union

University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Social Sciences

Someone who completes this post-graduate course is a person who has the theoretical knowledge, knows empirical examples and has the practical skills relevant to participatory democracy, civic society and co-operation between the 3rd sector and local government in the EU; has the skills to mediate and understand the issues related to the conducting of social dialogue; know how to use cutting-edge innovative techniques of communication; knows the legal grounds for the co-operation between the 3rd sector and public administration; knows how to develop and run a social information campaign; knows ombudsman techniques and how to use them; understands the idea of participatory democracy, knows the good practices of civic activity in EU countries and can relate this knowledge to Polish conditions; knows how to successfully participate in the designing of communications strategies between public administration and local communities; is knowledgeable about the sources of funding the charter goals of non-governmental organisations.


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