Post-Graduate Pedagogical Studies

University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Social Sciences

Candidates for this post-graduate studies course must have a first cycle (bachelor’s) degree and/or a second cycle (master’s degree) or have completed uniform master’s degree studies of all the subjects which provide substantial training to teach a given subject (type of class) in school. The aim of the course is to provide the pedagogical qualifications for teaching in school in compliance with the legal requirements. Qualifications obtained by graduates: a Post-Graduate Pedagogical Studies Graduate receives a post-graduate diploma confirming their obtaining of the relevant learning outcomes and the required number of ECTS points specified in the PSP programme and superior document, i.e. the Directive of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of 17 January 2012 r. (Journal of Laws of 6 February 2012, item 131). Obtaining the diploma is tantamount to obtaining the psychological-pedagogical and teaching qualifications to work as a teacher at the relevant level of education (second or third and fourth) and within the scope of a given subject, in accordance with their substantial training and the level thereof confirmed by a college diploma.


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