University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Law and Administration
part-time second cycle degree,
uniform part-time,
uniform full-time

Completing the law course give one the title of master of law and makes one eligible to take the exam for a judicial, counsel, prosecutor or notary apprenticeship. Only after completing one’s legal training and passing an exam can one apply to a specific profession. But one should not get discouraged because the course is interesting and not as hard as commonly thought; although one has to study, a lot. Besides, one must be able to piece facts together, like history, be up to date with political events, be open to other cultures and want to get to know them. One must also like people, get on well with them, be communicative, just as in any profession where one deals primarily with people. Depending on their choice of their further path, with a law degree, graduates have the following law careers to choose from: judge, prosecutor, lawyer; legal counsel, notary; court referendary, judicial assistant, assistant prosecutor; bailiff, receiver; probation officer, patent agent, tax advisor, legal advisor, real estate appraiser, real estate manager, real estate agent and legislator.


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