University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Oceanography and Geography
full-time first cycle degree

Geology focuses on the structure, properties and the history of the Earth and the processes that take place inside it and on its surface that transform it. In a broader sense it also concerns other rocky plates. Geological studies require not only theoretical knowledge, but also obtaining various practical skills so students often take part in field work. Both the course and then practising as a professional geologist require a number of basic predispositions. Physical fitness and health are a must. Geologists are like detectives, always having to consider the result of a number of processes, who must use their intellect, including practically investigative methods, and have a lot of imagination in order to draw the right conclusions. Intellectual discipline, with which the clues from the past can fall into logical place, is also important. When one chooses geology, one chooses more than just a profession – it’s a lifestyle. You have to like travelling, working in the field and adventure. One has to be ready for difficult conditions, inconvenience and adversity.


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