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Geographers deal with studying the geographical environment (the natural and human environments). They assess the current condition of the phenomena they study, their determinants, development trends and forecasts their future condition and its impact. Their field of interest is broad, which means they must specialise in natural sciences (speciality: Physical Geography) or humanist studies (speciality: Human Geography). Each subject has many specialities of its own related to individual components of the natural environment or the fields of human activity. Geographers, just like other specialists working in the field, should have the ability to reach out to people and work in a team. Perceptiveness, the ability to draw correct conclusions and go from analysis to synthesis are all important features. Punctuality is also important. This especially concerns meteorological, hydrological and other observations, which must be done in a specific place and time, regardless of the conditions at hand. Upon graduation with a teacher’s specialisation one obtains the qualifications to teach geography and natural sciences in primary, secondary and post-secondary school.


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