Art Institution Management

University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Philology
full-time first cycle degree

The first students began the course in the 2013/2014 academic year. The course is a combination of a number of disciplines, such as: cultural studies, literary studies, theatre studies, art history and theory and management – in a way that they best complement each other. Classes are conducted both by theoreticians and practitioners with professional ties to Polish and foreign art institutions. Everyone gets to do internships in various departments of Polish art institutions and the possibility to go for internships abroad, including at the European Shakespeare Festivals Network (present in seven European countries). Graduates specialising in stage art and management have the chance to obtain 2 parallel diplomas – one from the University of Gdańsk, another from the Vocal and Acting School in Gdynia. Graduates can find employment in art institutions, offices, agencies, foundations, associations, departments of culture and organising festivals and art events.


Wydział Filologiczny
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