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full-time first cycle degree,
full-time second cycle degree

Archaeology is about adventure, about a passion that beckons with the promise of success and fame, but – most importantly – it is about meticulous work, creative thinking and inference and the painstaking compilation (describing and comparing) of finds. So those who consider archaeology to be a ceaseless string of adventures might not be satisfied with this course (and certainly with the work after graduating). This is because archaeology is more about being methodical and about hard work than about an enthusiast’s talent and impatience. Archaeology is the servant of history – this is how one may define these two fields from the point of view of subordination. The archaeologist’s primary task is to provide hitherto unknown sources that broaden our knowledge of the past. And those who think that these sources are almost exhausted and that soon we will run out of work for archaeologists (or have ran out of it already) are wrong. Archaeology is in no danger of atrophy! What is more – instead of becoming exhausted, the field is poised to phenomenally develop in the future. Many fields which had never had anything to do with archaeology before are now contributing to the study of the past. Biology, genetics, geophysics and more make archaeology a more and more exciting and comprehensive science. The course prepares its students to work as archaeology technician in all types of institutions that run excavation work: from large scientific institutes, through archaeology and regional museums and conservation services, to small private companies specialising in rescue archaeology.


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