University of Gdańsk

The University of Gdańsk provides education in practically every field of academic knowledge and professions that are sought-after in the job market. We offer our students cutting-edge studying conditions at our continuously expanding University of Gdańsk Baltic Campus. Our University was founded on 20 March 1970 with the merger of the Higher School of Economics in Sopot and the Higher Pedagogical School in Gdańsk. Today, the UG is the largest university in the Pomeranian Region. We have almost 31,000 students, doctoral students and post-graduate students studying at our eleven faculties. Our academic staff includes seventeen hundred researchers and tutors, while in such fields as biology, biotechnology, chemistry, oceanography, quantum physics, pedagogy, psychology, law and economics we are among the leading universities in Poland.

The UG’s academic staff conducts world-class scientific research. In keeping with our policy to develop relationships between academia and business, the UG writes a great deal of expert opinions in the form of copyrighted studies. Thanks to the efforts of the UG’s academic staff, the University has become a business incubator in such fields as biotechnology, biology and chemistry. The University of Gdańsk works with colleges from most European countries and with universities from further away as well. We carry out joint research and projects under over 100 international partner agreements. More and more of our institutes, chairs and departments have obtained the status of European Union centre of excellence. Our academic staff’s many international internships help us to provide tuition in an ever more modern and open way.
Researchers from the University of Gdańsk are frequent winners of international grants and awards, including stipends from the National Centre for Research and Development, the National Science Centre, the Foundation for Polish Science and the FNP Prize, the most important scientific award in Poland, called the Polish Nobel Prize, given for distinguished scientific achievements and discoveries. University of Gdańsk researchers have also been recipients of the Johann Hevelius Scientific Award of the City of Gdańsk–the most important award of its kind in Pomerania–ever since the award was launched.

The UG offers diverse forms of tuition. This offer is directed to a very broad target regardless of age, professional situation, place of residence or existing education, in keeping with the idea of lifelong learning. The University of Gdańsk offers tuition in 65 subjects and 198 specialities with full-time and part-time first and second cycle degree and uniform master’s degree courses. We add new subjects every year.

We are also expanding our physical education offer. Students can choose from over a dozen sports disciplines. Our tuition also includes our students’ participation in research work; there are close to 200 scientific groups active at the UG. The doctoral and post-graduate studies we offer provide an opportunity for students not only to maintain their academic interests, but also to perfect the skills they have already attained.
One of the University of Gdańsk’s assets is its relationship with the sea. Our university’s marine credentials is built on excellent research stations with international reputations, such as the Hel Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography, the Bird Migration Research Station and the Biology Station. The university’s marine image is enhanced by the field of study and specialisations it offers, and the scientific research it carries out related to the sea and the Baltic coast in particular.

The University of Gdańsk fulfils its motto: in mari via tua (your way is at sea) and serves the development of the Pomeranian region, whose treasure is the sea.

Education offer:

We offer our students

  • one of Poland's most cutting-edge university campuses with brand new buildings with state-of-the-art facilities
  • an academic staff with many prestigious awards from Polish and international scientific organisations to its name
  • high quality of tuition – the University of Gdańsk takes pride in the highest grades in Poland it scored in such subjects as: biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, oceanography and law
  • the University of Gdańsk is the largest university in Pomerania
  • a broad network of international contacts both in terms of student and scientist exchange


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