Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music

The Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk is a public art college established in 1947. Its goal is to train highly qualified musicians: instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, music theorists, conductors, music art educators, music schoolteachers, eurhythmics teachers, vocal and instrumental group instructors and organisers of music events and activities. Graduates receive a college diploma and the title of Master of Arts.

The Academy of Music in Gdańsk is an active member of the LLP/Erasmus European Union education programme so that, beginning with their second year in college, our students have the opportunity to study – for a maximum of two semesters – at one of our over 80 partner universities in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, the United Kingdom etc. The teacher exchange which takes place within the same programme enables our students to take courses which enrich their regular college experience. The list of our partner universities is growing year by year.

Education offer:

We offer our students

  • highly qualified teaching staff, including visiting professors from foreign universities, master’s courses and specialist workshops on the interpretation of diverse music genres
  • the most distinguished students can gradually begin to set forth on their professional careers already in college by taking part in the Gdańsk Academy of Music’s tours abroad and playing on recording sessions
  • abundant culture and entertainment rich for the students
  • very good accommodation (college campus), own accommodation base – 2 dorms and the DOM MUZYKA hotel
  • professional student services with, among other assets, a dynamic IT process for the documenting of the college course
  • an excellent location in the neighbourhood of Gdańsk’s Old Town with a good public transport infrastructure
  • permanent international relations, participation in international student exchange programmes (Erasmus, Erasmus+) based on agreements with over 80 colleges
  • an incredibly rich artistic and academic portfolio
  • a dynamic growth of our teaching offer with new interdisciplinary courses and a wide range of courses and specialities adapted to the needs of the job market


Akademia Muzyczna im. Stanisława Moniuszki w Gdańsku
ul. Łąkowa 1-2
80-743 Gdańsk


Department I – room 208, yellow building,
e-mail: rekrutacja1@amuz.gda.pl
tel. + 48 58 300 92 28

Department II – room 214, red building,
e-mail: rekrutacja2@amuz.gda.pl
tel. + 48 58 300 92 19

Department III – room 208, yellow building,
e-mail: rekrutacja3@amuz.gda.pl
tel. + 48 58 300 92 28

Department IV – room 308, yellow building,
e-mail: rekrutacja4@amuz.gda.pl
tel. + 48 58 300 92 56