Computer Science

Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
Information Technology Department
part-time first cycle degree,
full-time first cycle degree

By taking this engineering course, students acquire general knowledge about modern information technologies and tools over the first four semesters. Special emphasis is placed on practical classes, especially programming (C++, PHP, Java, .NET), databases and design. In the third year they get to choose one of the following specialisations: Internet Applications and Networks Graphic Design and Multimedia Business IT Software and Database Engineering The list of specialisations offer may be subject to change – every academic year, the list results from the Department’s offer, an analysis of the students’ applications and the Department Council’s decision. The broadening of the student’s IT knowledge takes place in parallel with their learning about specific problems, methods and tools related to their chosen specialisation. At the same time, during the last two semesters, the students carry out a team project, which becomes the basis for each of their dissertations – the defence of their dissertation and passing the final exam are, besides completing the course, the basis for obtaining the title of Information Technology Engineer.


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