Post-Graduate Studies: Clinical Psycho-oncology

The Medical University of Gdańsk
Quality of Life Research Institute

Graduates of this post-graduate studies course will have acquired a solid base of knowledge and the basic skills used in the work of a psycho-oncologist. Students learn the basics of oncology, since graduates should have a basic grasp of knowledge about cancer. This knowledge makes it possible to better understand patients and to better work with oncologists. Knowing the argot, the terminology and especially the symptoms and side-effects which accompany the process of therapy are all important in a psycho-oncologist’s work. Students are made familiar with psychological issues. They learn the psychological factors in the course of cancer, the psychological effects of the illness, the styles and strategies for coping with oncological stress, the diagnosis of emotional states and the methods of psychological aid for both the patient and their family. Furthermore, graduates have knowledge of the range of examination methodology in psycho-oncology, are familiar with the models of psycho-oncological examination, know the examination tools. Graduates also know the concepts of quality of life determined by a patient’s condition and the methods of its assessment in various groups of cancers. Moreover, the course provides students with knowledge about how to deal with cancer patients in the ethical and moral context. Graduates have the basic knowledge and skills to help them work with cancer patients and their families and to make communication between them and the other members of the medical staff more effective. The completion of a post-graduate course in psycho-oncology is a necessary condition to obtaining a psycho-oncologist’s certificate in the future.


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