The Medical University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Medicine
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The course is 6 years long. The curriculum covers: morphological sciences (e.g. anatomy, histology, embryology), the scientific basis of medicine (e.g.: biophysics, molecular biology, biochemistry with elements of chemistry, physiology, elements of pathophysiology), preclinical sciences (e.g. genetics, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology with toxicology), behavioural and social sciences with professionalism guidance (e.g. sociology of medicine, medicinal psychology, history of medicine, English), non-surgical clinical sciences (e.g.: paediatrics, internal diseases, psychiatry, dermatology, oncology, infectious diseases, rehabilitation), surgical clinical sciences (e.g. general surgery, anaesthesiology) and the legal and organisational aspects of medicine (e.g. hygiene, epidemiology, public health, medical law, forensic medicine). Year 6 of the course has practical clinical tutelage which covers classes in clinics/hospital wards in the following specialities: general internal medicine, paediatrics, surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, psychiatry, emergency medicine, family medicine and a specialisation selected by the student. The course also includes a programme of numerous facultative courses, e.g. anthropology, neurology, medical cytobiology, molecular epidemiology, psychoanalysis and clinical disciplines, which broaden the mandatory standardised scope of knowledge. In order to pass successive years in the course, students must serve programme internships in patient care, emergency and outpatient care, internal diseases, paediatrics, gynaecology and intensive therapy. Graduates receive a diploma and the degree of medical doctor and upon passing the Medical Final Examination can apply for the right to practice medicine and seek employment in public and non-public health care institutions, research centres and education. They also have the opportunity to further enhance their qualifications, knowledge and skills through medical specialisation.


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