Environmental Health

The Medical University of Gdańsk
Faculty of Health Sciences with Subfaculty of Nursing and Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine
full-time first cycle degree,
full-time second cycle degree

The Environmental Health course provides interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in the environmental sciences (including environmental law, environmental management systems and Occupational Health and safety), medical sciences (introduction to medicine, epidemiology, toxicology) and natural sciences (ecology, microbiology, biochemistry). The curriculum takes the necessary proportions between medical and natural science subjects into account in a way to form a solid base for specialist learning. An important element of the course are traineeships which allow students to use their acquired knowledge and skills in practice and learn the specifics of their profession. The curriculum has been consulted with specialists in the medical and natural sciences with a background both in scientific and business circles. Environmental Health is a new college course with a unique curriculum which is updated based on information obtained chiefly from employers. Graduates have the professional training to work in: European Union administration, government and local administration (Health and Environmental Departments and other government and local administration units); institutions dealing with public health and epidemiology; manufacturing companies: Occupational Health and safety, environmental and health management specialists; training and consulting companies: environmental impact and environmental health specialists); secondary and higher education: environmental health education; research institutes; other institutions dealing with broadly understood environmental and health issues. First cycle course graduates have the right to take up a second cycle (master’s) course in Environmental Health.


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