Waste Management and Clean Technologies

Gdańsk University of Technology
Faculty of Chemistry

Implementing clean technologies, with consideration for sustainable development, is a key factor in enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises and environmental protection. Waste management is one of the key factors in this process. The Post-Graduate study course is meant for the executive staff and technological personnel in enterprises, for government and local government administration staff, doctoral students and college graduates who wish to supplement their education and enhance their chances of finding a job. The course’s framework programme aims to teach students: modern methods of municipal and hazardous waste management, management of non-municipal and non-hazardous waste, including salvaging and recycling methods that are in line with current legal regulations, with special emphasis on the responsibilities of waste producers and holders pursuant to the Waste Management Act, the responsibilities of municipal authorities pursuant to the Act on Maintaining Cleanliness and Order in Municipalities, waste analysis methods, power generation from waste, composting and the production of biogas from biodegraded waste, the management of waste from the extraction of oil and shale gas, refinery industry waste, financing waste management investments, including salvaging, recycling and processing waste, as well as the issues of waste management reporting.


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