Renewable Power Engineering and Smart Grids

Gdańsk University of Technology
Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering

Students learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of renewable sources of energy and smart electric power grids. The classes teach them specialist implementation issues concerning small wind power plants and wind farms, solar power plants, small hydroelectric plants, biogas plants, solar thermal collectors and heating pumps. They will also receive an introduction to the specialist issues concerning the legal regulations, administrative procedures, strategic goals and priorities, the market and regulatory mechanisms of the energy sector in the European Union and Poland, the exploitation of energy resources and energy security. Graduates are prepared to assess electric power facility investments based on renewable resources and have the knowledge and skills to design and operate such facilities. What is more, they acquire competence in related subjects, from investment analysis, through renewable energy project cost-benefit studies, to operating measurements, smart measurement systems and photovoltaic cells. Detailed knowledge of renewable energy issues is a condition of the ultimate goal, which is to provide the students with specialist preparation and secure the graduates’ substantial and professional independence within the scope of this subject.


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