Internal Audit and Management Control in the Public Finance Sector

Gdańsk University of Technology
Faculty of Management and Economics

The aim of the course is to provide knowledge concerning the functioning of public finance sector units, including especially internal audits and inspections in such units. The curriculum, based on Ministry of Finance guidelines, prepares students to hold key functions in the public finance sector. The workshop form of a good deal of the classes makes it possible to learn the practical aspects of performing audits in such areas as finance, public procurement, EU funds and IT security. Students will be able to carry out risk analyses, prepare a yearly audit plan, carry out tests and compile a report from a completed internal audit. The acquired theoretical and practical knowledge creates career opportunities and enhances the graduates’ attractiveness as job candidates for many positions in all kinds of public finance sector institutions. The post-graduate studies meet the requirements specified in the Act on Public Finance of 27 August 2009 and their completion allows persons with two years of internal audit experience to work as professional internal auditors in the public finance sector without the need to obtain an international certificate.


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