Energy Efficiency in the Public Sector - Energy Management in Municipalities and Poviats

Gdańsk University of Technology
Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering

Students acquire knowledge about the theoretical and practical aspects of energy efficiency and energy management in municipalities (communes) and poviats (counties). The classes teach them specialist implementation issues concerning heating sources in buildings, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations, including energy recovery, lighting installations in buildings and public spaces, cogenerated energy generation and micro-cogeneration systems, low-energy and passive building, energy efficiency improvement in public facilities and, to a degree, in industrial facilities. Furthermore, students are introduced to specialist issues concerning legal regulations and administrative procedures, especially related to the assessment of the energy efficiency of buildings, performing energy audits and energy efficiency audits. They will also acquire competence in municipal and poviat energy management, compiling energy balances at the municipal level, developing energy supply scenarios for municipalities and, in effect, planning municipal energy infrastructure development. Detailed knowledge of the issues of energy efficiency improvement in the public sector is a condition of the ultimate goal, which is to provide the students with specialist preparation and secure the graduates’ substantial and professional independence within the scope of this subject.


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