Gdańsk University of Technology

Gdańsk University of Technology is among the most frequently selected colleges in Poland. For the fifth time running the University came in second place in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s ranking of the most popular colleges among student candidates.

The University’s graduates can easily find work upon completing their studies; they often successfully start up and run their own businesses. Notably, a national surveys shows that the earnings of Gdańsk University of Technology graduates are third highest in Poland among graduates of Polish colleges.

Gdańsk University of Technology, established 1904 in Gdańsk

A modern technical institute to educate Europe’s engineering elite was what the founders of the Gdańsk University of Technology had in mind when they established the college at the beginning of the 20th century. The University’s oldest buildings, its laboratories and library collection are a testament to its rich past. When one walks around the campus, one can see how history naturally connects with the cutting-edge present. Gdańsk University of Technology has educated 22 generations of students and 4 new generations of academic staff. The University is proud to have one of the longest academic traditions in Poland.

Gdańsk University of Technology has 9 faculties with 27,000 students. We offer courses that are unique in Poland, including an intercollegiate mechanical and medical engineering course and a construction chemistry course.

Gdańsk University of Technology attaches great significance to developing its system of education. Our University realises the Engineer of the Future project, whose aim is to implement a new model of teaching. Our college received over 67 million Polish zloties to carry out this project, including EU funding. The Engineer of the Future focuses on the student and the development of their engineering skills: planning, designing, building and to draw conclusion from experiments.

Our University’s relationship with business is very important to us; we build these relationships with our existing and newly established centres such as the Nanotechnology Centre, which carries out research at the atomic level, the LINTE Renewable Energy Centre and the TASK IT Teaching and Research Centre. Another particularly intriguing project is the planned Eco-innovation Centre, which will be the first such centre to develop the idea of eco-cities.

Collaboration with business, better conditions to learn and experiment: all this is to help develop engineers for the 21st century.

Our graduates about their Alma Mater:
Łukasz Osowski, CEO and co-founder of IVONA SOFTWARE – AMAZON COMPANY, graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics says, “For me, Gdańsk University of Technology is first and foremost about people. Those, who acquire the knowledge and those who make every effort to convey this knowledge. Paradoxically, one can learn very much from both groups. Gdańsk University of Technology, the knowledge you learn there and the people you learn it from give you a feeling of self-confidence. My time there helped me to learn what I’m made of and then decide to work for a company and finally decide to set up my own business.”

Mr Jacek Karnowski, the Mayor of Sopot and a graduate of our Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, says “For me, my father and my children alike, because I have three of my children studying at the University, going to college at the GUT was a great honour and adventure. College was so good that we stayed for 6 years – this applies to both my father and me. Our family practically took over the civil engineering and architecture faculties.”

Education offer:

We offer our students

  • an education at a technical university with one of the longest academic traditions in Poland – Gdańsk University of Technology was established in 1904
  • attractive conditions for studying
  • one of the most cutting-edge Academic Sports Centres in Poland
  • work in interdisciplinary teams
  • modern lecture auditoriums
  • exciting classes by passionate and imaginative scientists
  • highly specialised laboratories
  • forward-looking courses, including new technologies and innovative solutions
  • a unique, over one-hundred-year-old campus in the very heart of Gdańsk


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