Trainers' Academy. Train the Trainers Course

Gdańsk School of Banking

This course provides practical preparation to construct programmes and run training courses with the use of the best practices and divers training techniques. The course comprehensively prepares students to become internal trainers in organisations and trainers running their own independent practice in the training market. Graduates of this course will have developed their training competence. The knowledge and skills they acquire through this course will enable them to diagnose a company’s training needs, carry out an effective and interesting curriculum and to perform a reliable assessment of the training. Classes are held in an interactive manner. Students will have the opportunity to carry out a training based on their own programme. The course is dedicated to persons who run training courses or are preparing for the role of a trainer and want to develop their training competence. The course is also directed to lecturers who want to enrich their classes with interactive workshop working methods.


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