Therapeutic Pedagogy

Gdańsk School of Banking

The curriculum of this course enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work with pupils who are chronically ill, are emotionally dysfunctional, pupils with disabilities or at risk from disability. The aim of the course is to train students to be able to plan and carry out educational and therapeutic measures in regular, special-needs and hospital schools and in other clinical institutions. The aim of the course is to prepare the students for a career in therapeutic work with children, young people and adults who are chronically ill, disabled, at risk from disability, with developmental dysfunctions and disorders. The course prepares for work in kindergartens, schools, special-needs and/or integrated institutions (special-needs and/or integrated departments), psychological-pedagogical clinics; therapeutic day-care rooms, social welfare institutions, non-governmental organisations, foundations dealing with disabilities, palliative care institutions and in hospitals. Graduation gives the qualifications to run rehabilitation, corrective and compensatory classes with disabled children and young people and to carry out psychological and pedagogical aid assignments in schools and other educational institutions with children and young people who are chronically ill, disabled or at risk from disability, with developmental dysfunctions and disorders, their parents and teachers. Graduates are also qualified to perform therapeutic work with adults who are chronically ill, disabled, at risk from disability and their families. The course is directed to college graduates (with bachelor’s and master’s degrees) who are preparing for a career as teachers, psychologists (with pedagogical qualifications), pedagogues and graduates in other subjects with completed pedagogical training courses.


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