Taxes and Tax Consultancy

Gdańsk School of Banking

In light of the abolition of licences for tax consultants and financial and accounting services, knowledge of the tax system and tax law provides new career opportunities. It also means security for one’s own business. The aim of this study course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to work responsibly as qualified specialists in financial and accounting services (tax experts). We will teach students about tax consultancy and show them the methods and techniques used by tax consultants. We will also show you taxes from the point of view of theoreticians, tax advisors, revenue service staff and from the point of view of the taxpayers themselves, so that the knowledge you acquire will be useful in practice. The aim of the course is also to popularise the profession of tax consultant by showing how important specialist aid is in this field to keep taxpayers, especially businesspeople, secure. Acquiring the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to have a career in a new profession. Apart for the core subjects concerning taxes, law and economics, students also acquire knowledge about tax consulting itself. Students learn the methods and techniques used by tax consultants, especially concerning tax optimising and defending taxpayers in disputes with revenue service administration. Running a business requires comprehensive legal and economic knowledge and the ability to take strategic decisions, including decisions concerning tax responsibilities. The course provides graduates with the methods and techniques to increase the security of the business by using acquired knowledge to avoid tax problems, to increase profits by optimising taxes and teaches the principles and methods of defending taxpayers in disputes with revenue service administration. The post-graduate course is directed to everyone who is looking for new career opportunities in the current economic recession and also to mid- and high-level managers where taking the appropriate tax decisions may affect the proper development of a business, may determine its success or failure. The classes take place in a practical form which allows the students to become familiar with situations which tax specialists and financial and accounting services encounter every day. Students learn, among other things, tax law regulations and the principles of working as a tax consultant.


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