Software Tester

Gdańsk School of Banking

Software testing means not only verifying whether systems work correctly, but also, most of all in fact, means identifying the reasons for their malfunctioning. The course teaches the issues of planning, preparing and running of tests and the placement of the test process in the software’s life-cycle. The course provides the students with the knowledge a software tester needs and knowledge to help the competent management of testing and the recruitment of staff for tester teams. For an extra fee, every student can obtain the international ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing with an exam held by the Gdańsk School of Banking in partnership with the SJSI Information Systems Quality Association. The course is directed to persons who plan to develop their IT projects career in the field of software quality control, programmers who want to learn about testing and persons responsible for project management and tester recruitment. The course is conducted in the form of exercises and the curriculum has been developed in such a way as to prepare the students for the ISTQB Foundation Level certificate in software testing international exam.


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