Social rehabilitation and Sociotherapy

Gdańsk School of Banking

Social rehabilitation is an inherent element of the social support system present in every European Community country. This means that graduates in this speciality have broad career opportunities and, more importantly, opportunities for stable and increasingly gainful employment. The course trains students for psycho-corrective work with at-risk children and young people, with behavioural dysfunctions, with young people who are socially maladjusted or at risk of social maladjustment and their families. Due to the specific nature of the course, most of the classes are held using interactive methods in the form of training and workshops, with conservatory lectures serving as methodological support. Graduates have the qualifications to work as educators in youth education centres and youth sociotherapy centres, have the right to carry out care and educational tasks, are prepared to conducts social maladjustment prevention classes and sociotherapy classes and can perform the tasks of a guardian. This course is available to persons with pedagogical (at least first-cycle) degrees and to persons with pedagogical training with teaching rights.


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