Sales Manager with a Certificate from Franklin University

Gdańsk School of Banking

Sales management is among the most important processes in every company. A professional sales manager can find the best people in the market, employ them and – thanks to excellent management and motivational skills leading to increasing effective work – turn them into a tight and effective team. The aim of the course is for the students to acquire the knowledge and skills of sales management based on the latest global trends. The overriding goal is to present the specific essence of sales management staff management. Especially in the area of motivating, increasing efficiency, preventing professional burnout and staff fluctuation. Course graduates are prepared for the role of sales manager in a company by developing their competence, learning effective methods of developing optimal products and customer portfolios, learning effective sales tools to enable the development of relationships with the environment and by taking part in workshops with internships. The course is especially recommended for high- and mid-level managers, working in executive positions related to the management of a company’s sales staff or working as executives in sales management or customer relations.


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