Real Estate Appraisal

Gdańsk School of Banking

The Polish Real Estate Appraisal Association unites professionally active real estate appraisers. The Association deals with professional improvement, analyses activities and shares the results of these analyses. The curriculum of this post-graduate studies course meets the minimum curriculum requirements of the relevant minister for construction, spatial management and housing policy issues. Graduation provides the opportunity to get the rights to practice this attractive profession because, according to the requirements of the Real Estate Management Law, getting the rights necessary work as a real estate appraiser depends on, among other things, completing post-graduate studies on real estate appraisal, serving a professional internship and passing the state exam. The curriculum of this Post-Graduate Real Estate Appraisal course meets the requirements specified in the Law. This course is directed to persons who want to become professional real estate appraisers. In order to become a qualified real estate appraiser one must have a master’s degree. Graduation opens the door to becoming a professional real estate appraiser. It also provides the opportunity to learn about many problems and issues indirectly related to real estate appraisal without which one can hardly work as a professional in the real estate appraisal market. One of the assets of this course is the comprehensive preparation of the students for the state exam for a real estate appraiser’s licence. Furthermore, the Polish Real Estate Appraisal Association is a partner of the course.


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