Project Management

Gdańsk School of Banking

The Gdańsk School of Banking is a member of IPMA Polska whose universal four-level IPMA® (4-L-C) certification system is among the most renowned systems to asses and confirm project management competence, knowledge and skills. The course emphasises both knowledge and management skills. The course’s advantage is its broad diversity of subjects to enable students to have a full picture of project management. The course’s abundant curriculum provides an opportunity to learn the skills to use project management instruments and techniques at every stage of a project. By learning the practical aspects of project management in a modern business environment, the students learn to plan projects, carry them out in line with company strategy and monitor the process of their implementation. The course includes simulation games and practical workshops. Moreover, for an extra fee, every student has the opportunity to take part in preparatory training for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam by ALTKOM AKADEMIA S.A. and to take the exam which opens the opportunity to acquire an international certificate. This course is directed to persons dealing with the planning and supervision of project implementation and to executives who wish to broaden their knowledge on the subject. This course should especially be of interest to the managers of manufacturing, consulting, training, research, implementation, IT, ICT and construction companies, as well as in state and local government institutions. The students learn the methods tools and techniques to aid stages of the project. The Gdańsk School of Banking’s membership in International Project Management Association Polska is yet another asset of this course.


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