Professional Executive Assistant with a Certificate from Franklin University

Gdańsk School of Banking

Today’s management can only be effective when it has the organisational support of a professional assistant. Many CEOs and directors emphasis that they could not conceive working without such a person. Assistants manage day-to-day tasks, support the management in the realisation of its goals and simultaneously learn the principles of management. Donald Trump once said in an interview, “If you want to be good at business, first hire a good assistant.” An Executive Assistant or Office Manager can build a company’s success and are an important part of employer branding. They are highly qualified employees with broad competence and enormous business knowledge. They are the beating heart of every enterprise. Developing a business attitude, building e-reputation, developing interpersonal skills are all universal competences which are important in business and which we want to develop in our students. Our workshops and exercises, in turn, prepare them in a practical way to provide professional support to executives and to manage office administration.


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