Oligophrenopedagogy – Education and Rehabilitation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Gdańsk School of Banking

The course provides the qualifications for teaching and the therapeutic rehabilitation of children and young people with intellectual disabilities. They prepare for work in such institutions as kindergartens, schools and centres (SOSW – special-needs Education Centres, OREW – Rehabilitation and Education Centres) which provide special-needs education (inclusive, integrated and special-needs education), as well as in institutions outside the education systems, i.e. early intervention centres, occupational therapy workshops etc. The course prepares students for educational, didactic and therapeutic work with children and young people with intellectual disabilities. Due to the specificity of the course, most of the classes are held using interactive methods in the form of workshops, with conservatory lectures serving as methodological support. Graduates possess the qualifications to work as teachers in kindergartens, integrated and special-needs schools, as well as in special-needs education centres. The course is open to persons with (at least first cycle) pedagogical degrees and to persons with teachers’ qualifications.


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