Management Studies

Gdańsk School of Banking

Every manager must have the professional knowledge and skills to carry out executive tasks at every level. Thanks to our Management Studies course, our graduates know how to effectively plan and organise, direct and monitor company activities. The aim of this Post-Graduate Management Studies course is to develop leadership competence and strategic and operation management capabilities in an organisation, including especially: acquiring up-to-date management knowledge, developing diagnostic and planning skills and the ability to use the latest management methods and techniques, developing team leadership and interactive procedure skills. The classes take place in the form of exercises, case studies, workshops and lectures to teach the above topics in practice. The course also includes a strategic game, which covers an organisation’s most important areas of operation, takes into account uncertainty, decision risk, the competition and flexibility of conduct. The course is directed to persons in management roles at every level of organisational hierarchy: members of supervisory boards, executive boards, CEOs directors, functional managers and specialists. Many practical examples of good business practices are presented and taught at this course, as well as effective diverse active forms of teaching such as, workshops, directing exercises, decision simulations, case studies, enactments, organisational and financial document analysis and business games.


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