Investigative Computer Science

Gdańsk School of Banking

Investigative Computer Science is the answer to the demand of a market that is dominated by the electronic circulation of documents and the growth in crime perpetrated using digital information carriers. We are the first in Poland to provide students with practical and theoretical knowledge to combine IT and law. The aim of the course is to teach about investigative computer science and related subjects through lectures, workshops and exercises. Classes are conducted by specialists with long-standing experience in their speciality. The curriculum includes subjects concerning the individual aspects of investigative computer science, i.e. law, data recovery, IT audit and cybercrime. Upon graduation, the students will be trained to carry out and report investigative analyses of various information carriers. The course is conducted by practitioners who have up-to-date knowledge about the methods and tools of those who perpetrate crime with the use of information technologies. The course is directed to the staff of security departments in companies and institutions, persons working in investigatory powers and the judiciary, as well as to IT experts who wish to become specialists in investigative IT and to persons for whom knowledge about uncovering computer crime will supplement their professional competence.


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